Had an okay few days

The past few days have been okay, stuck to my calorie limit but could have made better choices. Will bear this in mind in the next few days… Haven’t lost any weight yet but hey it’s only day 4…


Day 1

So today was day 1, maybe a bit later than planned but better late than never. Today I’ve eaten 1111 calories.

Breakfast – banana berry smoothie.

Lunch – cocoa belvitas & melon

Dinner – chicken thigh with roast potatoes and veg.

Snacks – fruit salad with 1tbsp nutella.

Todays been a good day, and I’m feeling good so far. Bring on tomorrow!

Back again. Again? How many times is this??

Okay. So I’ve been awful for the past few weeks. I’ve had exams and I’ve struggled a lot with my mental health and it’s hard to make positive changes in your life when ¬†you feel so helpless and lost. But I’m starting to feel better, not completely, but I’m noticing changes and that’s good. I’ve finished school and I quit my job and over summer all I’ve got to focus on is me and getting me to a place where I’m good. So this means that the time has come that I’m going to try to lose weight again. But hopefully this time will be different and I won’t lose my way after 4 days. I’m not going to call it a diet and I’m not going to try to follow a diet plan as such, I’m just going to try to eat clean and healthy and avoid processed foods and sugars and salts and fats and all those bad things. I’m going to try to be calorie conscious but not focus on counting every last one, because that just doesn’t work for me. I’m going to try to make these changes to my diet along with trying to increase the amount of water I drink and decrease the amount of fizzy drinks. Throw in the fact that I’m also going to go back to the gym even if it’s only once a week it’s better than never. So hopefully all of these changes should mean I start to see a change in my body and lose the weight I’ve been desperate to lose for far too long. HOWEVER with this said I’m aware I’ve got a few days ahead where I probably will eat awfully as I’ve got a family meal tomorrow and then I’m going to Thorpe Park for 2 days. But after that, from Tuesday, I have no excuses and I fully intend to finally make the effort to budge some of this weight. So really all I’ll be posting I guess is updates of how I’m doing and how I’m feeling and whether I’m losing weight or not, as well as various recipes and ideas for foods and such that I enjoy. Hope you all stick with me through it, sorry for not posting for a while.